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Every household and business at some point requires lock replacement services for their doors. Our locksmiths have observed from experience that the locks on the doors of most houses and businesses are very old. Some of these locks are so old and rusty that they have started to fall apart from usage.
The uPVC door locks and mechanisms are made by different manufacturers from different parts of the world. However, despite the many different variants and designs of the uPVC locks and mechanism, the same essential principle is applied in their functionality. At Worcester Locksmith, we are familiar with the different variants and designs of the uPVC locks and mechanisms as well as their functional principle.
uPVC doors use a kind of lock known as a “multi-point locking mechanism” that is not unique to it alone. This multi-point locking mechanism is sometimes used on wooden composite doors. It is normal for other issues to arise when this device malfunctions in the closed and locked position. There are usually signs that notify you when the system is about to malfunction.
Here are some of the signs to tell if the lock mechanism may be beginning to fail to include:
When you lock a door by pulling up the handle and you have to force it because it has become harder, check if the door lock works with the door open. If it does, then the door simply needs realigning and there is no problem with the mechanism. If the door won’t open or close, it might be either a problem with the euro cylinder or the mechanism.
No matter what the problem might be with your uPVC lock and mechanism, Worcester Locksmith has the skill and expertise to handle the situation. We have a wide range of the most common replacement products in our inventory and we usually solve most problems we encounter in one visit. In the event that we cannot resolve the problem in one visit, we will install a temporary lock in the door, so you can use it pending when a replacement lock is acquired.
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